How to Get 360 Waves For Beginners

A Guy with 360 Waves in his hair.

360 Wave Process

How To Get 360 Waves

The process to getting 360 waves for the first time can sometimes be long and troublesome. I understand how frustrating it is try and try only to fail and not get the results that I so badly wanted. You are here reading this because you want help, and I am here, writing this, to give you the information that you need so that you may help yourself. I want you to think of me as your friend, because I am here to help you learn everything you need to know about getting natural 360 waves fast.

This is why i’m asking you, my friend, to take some of your valuable time to follow my 360 waves Help page on Facebook. There you can ask me questions and get replies withing hours. If you do that it’s like having your own 360 waves coach, if you will, I’m also asking you to subscribe to my 360waveprocess youtube channel where I make videos that show different methods to getting 360 waves. Doing those two thing are just one step into progressing and ensuring that you will have the motivation and support that you need while you are working on your waves. Without saying too much so early, motivation is one of the most important factors in getting 360 waves and keeping them. If you lack the motivation to achieve, then you most likely won’t succeed.

How to Get 360 waves for Beginners – The Tools you Will Need !

“what do I need to get 360 waves ?”

  1. Becoming a 360 waver is like becoming a painter. To become a painter you must first get yourself a paint brush. In the case of getting 360 waves you must first get yourself a 360 wave brush. The best brushes you can buy are made by the brand names, Annie, Diane, and Crown Quality Products. I will write a post on differences between those brushes soon, and it will describe the best choice of the three, but for now I’d recommend that you start off with a Diane or Annie. Most beauty supply stores sell those two brands, they shouldn’t be hard to find & they shouldn’t cost more than $5.
  2. The second tool that you will need is a du-rag. The du-rag is like the screen protector on your new iPhone 5. You put it on so that your screen is protected from things such as scratches. Well you put your du-rag on to protect your hair (art work) from your pillow when you go to sleep. Imagine putting in a long day of brushing your waves only to have half of it count. The du-rag keeps your art work safe when you are sleeping and it actually makes it look better after wearing for a while. It lays your hair down which makes your waves look more shinny and defined.

How to get 360 Waves Fast – in Five Easy Steps

  • Get a low haircut so that you can begin training your hair to be wavy.
  • Take your wave brush and brush your hair every day. (How to brush to get waves)
  • Get your du-rag and make sure you sleep with it on every night, especailly when you have a fresh haircut. If you’re going 2 skip that do it when your hair is more grown out.
  • Shampoo and conditioner your hair every time your get in the shower. (once a day or so) Conditioning it is very important, so don’t skip out on it or your results will suffer.
  • Follow me on Twitter @360WaveProcess to ask questions to me. i reply ASAP always. also this is a must if you are a beginner.  I need you to go to right now and sign up for email updates.

Thank you for reading, see you on the next post that i write about Waves. If you want to be updated about the new post please visit the official 360waveprocess website listed below.

– The place to learn everything you need to know about getting 360 waves. Visit there to sign up for email updates






About 360waveprocess

360WaveProcess/Rashaad is here to help you get waves in your hair. It doesn't matter if you're mixed or not. You can get 360 waves in your head with a little hard work and dedication. All you need to get started is a good brush, but if you want to see results faster you should get yourself a wave cap aka du-rag. For more simple tips like this Just subscribe on YouTube and visit and you'll be on your way to having 360 waves all around your head in no time.
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  1. nc says:

    I dont wash my hair everytime i get in the shower i wash it everytime im about to get a hair hair is SEA SICC..i use the sportin waves Gold try it

  2. Aaron says:

    I use deep wave is that good

  3. aaron says:

    U have to wash everyday

  4. Jaden says:

    Thanks. On my way to get my brush now.

  5. rasul says:

    It realy help me

  6. Charles R says:

    Good video bro. I was wondering why my sides was always comin out funny. Found out why in this vid. Appreciate it mane

  7. Jaylen Lane says:

    I been trying to get 360 waves for a long time this is problem the best video I saw of how to get waves I like this video ASAP

  8. devin says:

    It really doesn’t explain nothing but I tried it for 2 years and got waved almost all over

  9. Jamel outley says:

    What if I don’t want to cut my hair low

  10. alex says:

    can u kik me plss will appreciate it my kik is wizkid14725

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